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Butte Montana is the county seat of Silver Bow County and has a population of 33,892 in the 2000 census, making it Montana’s fifth largest city. The census showed 14,135 households and 8,735 families. This city began as a mining camp, to a boomtown and now a mature historical city, which is located in a natural bowl, high in the Rockies. The city is served by the Bert Mooney Airport, which uses the code BTM and while close to major interstates; it is well hidden from them.

There have been many immigrants to Butte, Chinese immigrants forming Chinatown and German immigrants, who opened the first commercial beer breweries in the 1870s. These immigrants included Leopold Schmidt, Henry Mueller and Henry Muntezer, founders of breweries that would later produce three of the most popular beers, Budweiser, Coors and Miller. There was also a large population of Irish, Italian and Eastern Europeans who immigrated to Montana. The Our Lady of the Rockies, is a Blessed Virgin Mary statute, and is one of the sites that can be seen, reaching 90 feet in height. The Berkley Pitt, which is a former copper pit and the World Museum of Mining. This has made the city a rich melting pot of immigrants, from different countries who have called this city home. It is a favorite place for students to attend Montana Tech. Butte has also been featured in many movies, through the years, with the first one in 1930 and the most recent movie made with the city featured in it, was in 2010.

Butte is often referred to as “The Richest Hill on Earth.

Butte is one of only two cities that are recognized as a National Historic Lanmark, with over 4,000 historical buildings in the city. There are also over 40 old mining rigs that dot the skyline, reminding visitors of the rich past in mining it has and for more than a century Butte was one of the most important sources for strategic metal, since it was an area rich in copper.

Today, the Southwestern Montana city has world-class gold courses, skiing, hunting and trout fishing nearby, other outdoor activities and the competent Butte immigration lawyer. Some of the other things that will be found within the city are antique shops, museums, specialty stores, and art by local artists. There is also the annual Evel Knievel Days celebration every summer, which brings more than 50,000 people and daredevils from around the world. The individual or family immigrating to Butte will feel right at home in a city that has grown, due to the immigration of many people that have lived and thrived here. They will also have the assistance with any immigration issues, with immigration lawyer advice, from an experienced legal professional, who knows how special it is to live in Montana. It is important for the legal expert to stay informed about changes to the rules and regulations, in order to assist the green card holder or the individual who has a nonimmigrant visa.